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Troubadour Drifter is not your typical men’s western wear, clothing, or apparel store in Lindale, Texas. We only carry quality products that embody craftsmanship, enrich lives and connect generations. At first glance, you’ll find Made in TEXAS products throughout our store, which we curate by cultivating relationships with Texas based artisans, designers and manufacturers. Some might say we’re outdated in our way of thinking, which is exactly why we know we’re on to something!

Knowing that we are a part of a greater community of like-minded individuals, who are growing in numbers day by day, we believe preserving the skills of these craftsmen, and passing them on to future generations means something. We like to say, “Buy an heirloom to share with your kids, kids…not something that is merely the stuff of future garage sales!” Do so and enrich their lives with these articles and goods, made by hard working, wonderful people, right here in the Lone Star State.

In addition to the efforts of promoting these TEXAS businesses, we GIVE donations, contributions and knowledge of these dying arts to the public through our destination retail experience. If you’re someone who holds these truths dear to your heart, as we do, then join us, by trading with us and restoring the TEXAS we all deserve and expect!

Of course, there aren’t Texas based companies who provide options for some of the products we stock for you. When necessary, we go outside of Texas to find items we believe hold the same generational value, which are Made in America. Some by companies whose age dates back to the 1800’s. Amazing, right? These supplemental artisans, who kept their factories going through multiple wars, financial fall-outs and extremely difficult times, means something too. All of these products, which again we curate through meticulous oversight and personal relationships, meet our criteria for inclusion in our Troubadour Drifter way of life.

We know you’ve got options, and we respect your decision to purchase any similar items at the retailers of your choice, but we hope that this message and sentiment resonates within you and you’ll join us in our endeavor to bring TEXAS back to the forefront of business and commerce.



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